From the records of Fred & Teresa Hyndman.

Had it not been for Fred and his wife Teresa, this account may never have come to light.  After receiving an email from Fred, I remembered my father pointing out to us where his car had been strafed and where he and his driver ended up.  He did not go into detail.

Fred's words were

My father found out from the hospital that when Eddie died, the Chief Surgeon sadly remarked that "This is a sad day

for us.  The youngest volunteer in the H.K. Defense Force has died!"

From Rod de Souza

A few words about our good friend Eddie Hyndman. I was just 10 or 11 years old when I met him. Eddie was quite willing to be with us kids at the public playground in front of our residence in Hung Hom district close to the Kowloon Whampoa Docks. Because of his stature, he was like a bodyguard to us! I do remember him very well. In fact, he was a boyfriend of my cousin  at that time.  I remember vividly how our families faced the fact that he was killed at so young an age

Thanks to Bosco Correa for his part in this, Tony Banham for his pictures of the vehicles and the grave, and lastly to Elden Lai for the picture on Page 2.

It is with great sadness that I write of the passing of 2 of my contributors. My cousin Fred Hyndman, and my friend Rod de Souza, both of San Francisco.  May they rest in God's peace.

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